Have you got a 'solid lid' on your investment?

When buying or selling property, many people overlook the necessity of having the roof of the property thoroughly checked before 'signing on the dotted line'. This can result in major financial losses and upset further down the line.

In many countries in Europe it is part of legislation to have the roof of a property, whether it be domestic or commercial, thoroughly checked with a resulting report, the same as it is legislation in SA to have the electrical and beetle inspection carried out.

The South African property market is not at the stage of making Roof Reports mandatory in the sale of a property however, it is the feeling in the industry, that it will join the stable of essential property inspections in the future.

Roof Reporting is a specialised skill involving the analysis of the integrity of a property’s roof. This is a useful skill that benefits the following parties involved in property brokerage:

  • Estate agents
  • Property purchasers / sellers
  • Insurance companies requiring an objective, unbiased 'report' on the status of a property's roof.
  • Attorneys specialising in property law